S.D.Enterprises Ltd specialises in travel arrangements in Central Asia covering India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Thailand. The featured trips have a strong rail bias. Its objectives are:
One of the best & most economical ways of travelling around India is by Indian Railway trains. Learn More...

Rajasthan & North India

Rajasthan is a western Indian state that is famous for: its rugged landscape; majestic forts; beautiful palaces; desert towns; lakes; hill stations; a unique chance to stay in a old haveli or converted palace. It is well worth combining a trip to Rajasthan with: a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra plus the bathing ghats in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh; wildlife parks in Madhya Pradesh or Assam; the hill stations in West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand; a visit to Gujarat to try to see the Asiatic Lion. Delhi is the starting point for majority of the trips by rail when you wish to cover longer distances whilst private road travel is also good for visiting the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan.

Kerala & South India

Kerala is a South Western Indian state that is known for its: backwaters with stay in a private houseboat; spice hills; beaches; Keralan cities and performing arts; unique cuisine; ayurveda. It is well worth covering the adjoining states of : Tamil Nadu (famous for its temples) or the diverse state of Karnataka; Goa; Mumbai is good starting point for trips South India. Indian Railways is one of the best ways of exploring longer journeys from Mumbai while private road travel is the best mode for travel within Kerala.


Nepal is a land of incredible mountain scenery and amazing flora & fauna. It has temples of great architechtural merit, excellent wildlife parks such as The Royal Chitwan National Park (famous for its rhinos) and unparalleled beauty of the Annapurna range of mountains on the western side as can be viewed from Pokhara and its environs. Excellent end to a trip in India or Thailand.



Thailand - As you soon as you mention the name of the country called 'Thailand', you automatically think of Bangkok and the country's wonderful beaches. However, there is lot more to this country and one of the best ways of travelling here is by train. You can travel by night trains using either 2nd class (corridor carriage split up into two berth cubicles by corridor and separated by curtains with either ceiling fans or with air conditioning) or in the Ist class in relative comfort.

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