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Main Rules of the Indrail Passes.

Eligibility: Any person resident outside India with a valid passport and visa can avail of this on payment of the cost in British poundsterling (by cheque, cash, UK debit cards. Credit cards have a 3% card surcharge.) or US Dollars (in the form of a dollar draft payment made payable "F.A.& C.A.O, Northern Railway, New Delhi"). The Indrail pass is non transferable and should be carried with the passport.

Life & Validity of an Indrail Pass: The life of an Indrail pass is one year from the date of issue (i.e. if a 30 days pass was issued on 15 June 2002, then the 30 consecutive days must conclude by 14 June 2002). Once the starting and dates have been endorsed then any change would cost the passholder. No changes are permitted on 12 hours and 24 hours passes once the starting and ending dates have been endorsed (These are pre-dated and pre-timed).

Changing the starting and ending dates of the Indrail pass: With regard to duration passes (not 12 and 24 hours passes) the starting and ending dates may be changed for $ 5 per ticket in addition to payment of cancellation of reservations as applicable, provided the change is made in the UK at our office and at least 7 days prior to the original starting date of the Indrail pass. Starting and ending dates cannot be changed under the following conditions:-
i) Less than 7 days prior to original starting date of Indrail pass.
ii) After reaching India.
iii) By anybody apart from our office.
iv) For 12 and 24 hours passes.
For those who are not sure of their starting and ending dates we can issue an open-dated rail pass. The starting and ending dates can be entered by the station superintendent at any one of the large railway stations.

Cancellation of Rail Reservations: Any Indrail pass holder may cancel an existing rail reservation prior to leaving the country or whilst in India. Note: Cancellation of rail reservation is not the same as cancellation of an Indrail pass for purposes of refund.
i) Before leaving the UK: Cancellation of each reservation costs $ 10 per reservation per ticket. Note: This has to be done physically in our office by return of the documents.
ii) After reaching India: Cancellation of rail reservations can be done at any railway station and would cost Rs 10 for each reservation and subject to a maximum of Rs 50 (when many reservations are cancelled at one time).

How to Cancel an Indrail Pass ?
The rail pass can be cancelled for the purpose of refund prior to leaving UK or whilst in India.
i) Prior to leaving UK: The Indrail pass is to be submitted to our office along with a cancellation letter and a self-stamped addressed envelope. Note: The date of safe receipt (please ensure that documents are personally delivered or sent by registered mail) would be the date of cancellation.
ii) After reaching India: The Indrail pass holder must get the Indrail pass cancelled by a station superintendent at any one of the large railway stations in India and obtain a receipt called "Ticket Deposit receipt". The cancelled ticket along with the ticket deposit receipt and a self-stamped addressed envelope must then be sent to our office (please ensure that documents are personally delivered or sent by registered mail) for a graded refund depending on the date of cancellation of the ticket.

Rules and grades of refund on Indrail passes.
i) If a person cancels more than 8 days prior to the starting date of the Indrail pass you will receive an 85% refund. For example if a rail pass starts on 10 June 02 and if the cancellation is done on 01 June 02 or earlier, then you shall receive an 85% refund.
ii) If a person cancels between 8 days and one day prior to the starting date of the Indrail pass you will receive an 80% refund. For example if a rail pass starts on 10 June 02 and if the cancellation is done between 02 June 02 and 09 June 02, then you shall receive an 80% refund.
iii) No refund is permissible under the following conditions:-
a) If an Indrail pass is lost, stolen or mutilated.
b) On or after the starting date of the Indrail pass.
c) One year after the date of issue.
d) When the journey is undertaken in a lower class of accommodation.
e) On conjunction tickets unless all conjunction tickets have been cancelled.
Note: All refunds will be as a sterling cheque payment.

Railway Reservations: Railway reservations are arranged free of cost from our office subject to the issue of Indrail passes well in advance of the proposed dates of travel. It is the responsibility of the clients to obtain confirmation PNR numbers for the trains booked. This can be done by contacting ourselves 2 – 3 day’s prior to departure or at the ‘International Tourist Bureau in New Delhi station’ Pl ensure that you go to the right place in Delhi to avoid the touts. Pl see the 'Re-confimation of resevations' section within the help section of our website: Clients are to ensure re-confirmation of rail reservations on arrival at each station for the next journey. While, all steps will be taken for ensuring the reservations as requested, they are subject to local conditions and availability. S.D. Enterprises Ltd does not accept liabiity in this regard.

All correspondence in connection with the refund of Indrail passes issued in our office should be sent to our postal address (S.D.Enterprises Ltd., 103 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley, Middlesex. HA9 8HG).

Note: Rules listed above are not fully comprehensive. Indian Railways are government owned and its operation is governed by the Indian Railways Act 1890 - amended from time to time, the latest being the Railways Act 1989. Disputes and claims arising out of rail travel in India are dealt with by the courts in India.

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