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China - a country waiting to be explored by the independent traveler. It has dramatic natural scenery with flowing and twisting rivers such as the Yangtse river with its three gorges and the calm Li river with limestone pinnacles that sprout along its banks at Yangshuo (Guilin district). Its monuments are built on an extravagant scale such as The Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang and the adjacent underground vault containing the army of terracotta warriors near Xian, the forbidden city in Beijing covering 720,000 square metres and, of course, The Great Wall of China.
Travel on the chinese railways gives a unique insight into the way of life and a great way to view the country's scenic beauty.

Important sights in the main cities are listed below.
City/Areas Major Sights Including Nearby Excursions.

The Great Wall of China at Badaling, Ming Tombs, Summer Palace, The Forbidden City, Tianmen Square and Gate, The Temple of Heaven, The Lama Temple.


The Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang and the adjacent army of terracotta warriors in 3 underground vaults, the bell tower, Big Goose Pagoda, Little Goose Pagoda, Banpo Neolithic Village.

Yangshuo A town in guilin district known for the limestone pinnacles that sprout alongside the li river, Boat Trip from Guilin to Yanshuo or vice versa. a cycling trip covering Moon Hill and viewing the scenery from the top is a memorable experience.

Yangtse River Cruise

Yichang is a city known as the gateway for the cruise along the Upper Yangtse River and the three gorges (XILING GORGE - the longest at 80 km, WUXIA GORGE - the most interesting at 40 km in length and peaks on either side of the river rising to about 900 metres in height, QUTANG GORGE- the shortest at 8 km in length but with the most fast flowing section of the river).
Shanghai The Bund, Shanghai Museum, Sun Yatsen's Residence, Jade Buddha Temple, Hangzhou, The garden and canal city of Suzhou.
Kunming This city in the Yunnan province is most notable for its tribal people. It also boasts of the Stone Forest. near Kunming.
Dali This is a place of great natural beauty with lakes and mountain range. A place of pure relaxation and admire the views.

We consider our customers as independent travelers . By aiding travelers in the form of rail, hotel and cruise bookings travelers can maintain a degree of independence and remove minor irritants such as queueing at rail stations and searching for hotels when they arrive at a destination. The rest of the items such as arranging internal sightseeing trips, guides, meals by themselves make it an all-round experience.
We have put together two simple itineraries in china. They are listed below:-

BEIJING STOPOVER: Arrival transfer from Beijing airport to hotel for three night's stay at hotel plus full day excursion to the Great Wall & the Ming tombs.
Prices on Request.
XIAN ADD-ON: Overnight train from Beijing - Xian and back plus 2 night's stay in hotel.
Prices on Request.

  • A Taste of China plus The Mighty Yangtse River: Beijing - Xian - Yichang - Yangtse River Cruise - Beijing (11 nights/ 12 Days)
    Prices on Request.
  • China Sampler: Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai - Beijing (14 nights/15 Days)
    Prices on Request.
  • China Taster Plus Yunnan Province & Vietnam. Start at Beijing and and conclude in Hanoi: Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Kunming - Xiaguan (for Dali) - Kunming - Hanoi in Vietnam (16 nights/17 Days)
    Prices on Request.
  • China Sampler Plus the Mighty Yangtse River & Hong Kong. Start at Shanghai and conclude in Hong Kong: Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai - Beijing (14 nigts/15 Days)
    Prices on Request.
  • General Information on the Cruises on the Yangtse River.

You can tailor-make a trip that suits your individual requirements.
For rates pertaining to the season specific to your trip, please email us.

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