S.D.Enterprises Ltd (SDEL) was registered as a limited company in 1984 and has been in business ever since. SDEL was formerly the GSA (General Sales Agents) for Indrail passes in the UK with the Indian Railways from 1985 - 2017 until recently when the Indian Railways discontinued the sale of Indrail passes. SDEL also specializes in rail/ hotel holidays and Keralan Houseboat Holidays. SDEL is also the sales agents for various luxury trains such Palace on Wheels . Its objectives are customer satisfaction based on realistic expectation levels in countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China. It receives many postcards from its clients. The media has also recognised its reliability and highlighted the same in national newspapers in the UK & abroad. Many of the guidebooks have also devoted space for the same in recognition of their efforts. For details click on the table below:-
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The Government of India recognised SDEL as the best GSA in the world for Indian Railways and have given awards for three consecutive years.

Note: All products in the website are being reviewed in view of the current pandemic on account of the coronavirus. At this point (i.e. when the website was being updated in late Dec 2020 / early Jan 2021), we regret that we are unable to recommend travel from the UK to the majority of the countries in Asia that we deal with. We are hoping that the situation will improve (not only for the anxiously waiting travellers and the tour operators in the UK but also for the thousands of people connected with the travel trade who are more than just associates for us.). When and how quickly travel is likely to resume is unknown to us with the earliest time likely to be in the autumn of 2021. Many of the products may need to be changed at the early stages for the safety of the travellers and the locals at these countries.

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