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April - September is classified as summer and off-peak. Temperatures tend to be very high in many places in North India and between late May & early Sep you have the monsoons sweeping from South East to North West. However, it has many advantages for travel especially in Kerala where tempreatures do not rise very high and it is one of the best times to experience the rejuvenation therapy of Ayurveda and also a great opportunity to tap the knowledge of excellent chefs and cookery experts to learn ones of the unique types of cuisine in India. It is one of the unique types of cuisine in India with dishes like Aviyal, Thoran, banana bhajis, Paal Payasam which are very different to the well known North Indian dishes such as Roti, Daal, samosas & subjis of North India. If you can go late in early May you can avail of the off-peak season rates in some of the excellent hotels like Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom & Marari Beach Resort in Mararikulam and still avoid the monsoons. Also, if you avail of the Keralite cuisine or Ayurveda programme in mid September, you can avail of the same hotels in late September and pay a smaller percentage than early October which is considreably more expensive.

Learn Keralite Cuisine in Kochi.

Learn Keralite Cuisine: A special 7 night's programme offered by Eden Garden that includes transfers, one day sightseeing in Kochi, two trips to the markets to view spices, 4 cooking classes and a last day to try your hand at Keralite cuisine.

Kerala Ayurveda by specialist doctors in Kochi and learn Keralite Cuisine at Eden Garden.

Ayurveda Plus Learn Keralan Cuisine at the same time: A special 7 night's programme offered by Eden Garden that includes transfers, one day sightseeing in Kochi, three days of Ayurveda which includes face, head and body massage, 3 cooking classes in Keralan cuisine.
KASHMIR: Finally back on the Tourist map.

After a very long 25 year exile from tourism due to the political unrest, this beautiful region of excellent lakes & mountains is back to welcome its visitors. The foreign office has finally given the green light for visitors. (Read more)



S.D.Enterprises Ltd specialises in travel arrangements in India, Nepal, Thailand & China. Its objectives are:
  • To encourage independent travel within South Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand and China in particular).
  • To make conducted, independent and tailor-made travel arrangements for its clients.
  • To keep customer satisfaction as close to realistic expectation levels.

One of the best & most economical ways of travelling arounf India is by Indian Railway trains. Just click here to read more on this. The use of an Indrail pass smoothens the process rail reservations. Just click here to read more on this. Just imagine unlimited rail travel for 21 days anywhere in the country for 137 in Ac 2 Tier Class.

    Luxury Trains in India.

      Rajasthan, North India and Nepal.

There are many itineraries with a private car & driver in North India. Some of the popular routes are given below:-
      Kerala and South India.

Some popular trips in Kerala with options on stay on houseboats are below:-
    Rail/ Hotel Holidays in India.
Rail/ hotel combinations are numerous and varied. Some popular trips are given below:-

You can tailor-make a trip that suits your individual requirements.
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