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Date: 02 Dec 15: Newsflash: Chennai has been hit by major rains in the past few days. There has been flooding in various parts of Chennai, Mammallapuram & Pondicherry. The airport at Chennai is currently closed as we write this message. Anybody travelling to these areas in the next few days to a week should review their plans and re-book to alternate destinations.


S.D.Enterprises Ltd specialises in travel arrangements in India, Nepal, Thailand & China. Its objectives are:
  • To encourage independent travel within South Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand and China in particular).
  • To make conducted, independent and tailor-made travel arrangements for its clients.
  • To keep customer satisfaction as close to realistic expectation levels.

One of the best & most economical ways of travelling arounf India is by Indian Railway trains. Just click here to read more on this. The use of an Indrail pass smoothens the process rail reservations. Just click here to read more on this. Just imagine unlimited rail travel for 21 days anywhere in the country for 137 in Ac 2 Tier Class.

    Luxury Trains in India.

      Rajasthan, North India and Nepal.

There are many itineraries with a private car & driver in North India. Some of the popular routes are given below:-
      Kerala and South India.

Some popular trips in Kerala with options on stay on houseboats are below:-
    Rail/ Hotel Holidays in India.
Rail/ hotel combinations are numerous and varied. Some popular trips are given below:-

You can tailor-make a trip that suits your individual requirements.
For rates pertaining to the season specific to your trip, please email us.

Help and Useful tips for travellers to India/Nepal

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